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She was slightly better yesterday. The girl did not like to wash dishes, but she made the best of it. Saify, please just shut up. Leora isn't beaten yet. I have many abilities. Sofoklis was living in Boston in 2013. I can't find my key. Do you have any identification? "What is this?" "Don't touch that."

Everyone here knows you can't trust Grant. Maybe Shankar will go to Boston with Norma. That's the biggest grasshopper I've ever seen. It was so cold that I stayed at home all day. I don't mind walking in the rain. I've got them all. He stopped talking. Mike doesn't seem to appreciate what we've done for him. Did you eat breakfast this morning?

I had an idea. You're not a very good negotiator, are you? Eat fresh, eat French. I can try to talk to Malus about that. Can you push the door open? Find out all you can about them.

She is not as young as she looks. You'll be a good player soon. Is it true that Rodent and Tovah got arrested? What you need the most now is courage. Straka took a lot of pictures. Rodent sounds nice. I'll have the results by tomorrow morning.

I didn't say it like that. She advised him to stay in bed for two more days.

According to the thermometer, it's thirty degrees. I accidentally lost my umbrella.

When I hear this song, I think of you, and miss you. I really believe it. I feel depressed often. They got married couple of months ago. You will have studied English for four years next March.

Do you see the white house? AIDS means "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome". I can't tell you how good it is to see Sherri. Nicolas laid her head on Myrick's shoulder and soon fell asleep. I have no other option. With oral language there isn't only one language and one can't proofread.

John is waiting for Glynn on the platform. You can't take it with you. She is not so much an actress as a singer. Your arrogance is probably due to your messianic complex. Even if I go make love with some girl before midnight, I will never forget your kindness. Sugih can't decide. Life without love is just totally pointless. Her death is a blow to my feelings.

Damone should've been here by 2:30. We didn't agree to help them. The island's unique flora and fauna must be protected. My wallet's in my pocket. You just need to practice. One of the first goals when learning a foreign language which uses another writing system should be to assimilate this very writing system as quickly as possible. She gave my shoes a quick brush. On the religious side, the decision caused serious dissension among followers. It's now fairly common.